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Tourist entertainment agency, tourist entertainment services
MAJULI, that has developed considerable expertise in the sector of event management and promotion, deals with the organization of events all over Italy.
Our tourist entertainment agency is currently experiencing considerable growth, and it operates both in Italy and abroad providing skilled professionals coming from different countries: Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland, France and Spain. We currently cooperate with important national and international tour operators and hotel chains. We gather highly qualified holiday village chiefs, and arrange targeted training courses and seminars for potential entertainers. Entertainers are trained in order to improve their professional profile and behaviour.

The considerable expertise we have developed in this sector gives us the possibility to provide the best solution for every type of accommodation facility, hotel and holiday village both in Italy and abroad. Our entertainers are supervised by senior MAJULI agents, who check their work and replace them should necessity arise in order to deliver first-class standards and services.

Our capillary presence in the major global market is supported by a relevant Safeness Certificate and by our compliance with any applicable laws, rules and regulations. Our co-workers all have a private insurance policy.

Professionalism and reputation are extremely important for our agency. This is the main reason why we rely on prestigious partners, such as RUSSEL ATHLETIC, GUESS, FAIRLY, COCA COLA, RENAULT, HEAD, TYROLIA, etc.., that provide uniforms and material in order to foster our shared goal to combine ‘professionalism’ and ‘success’.
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